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3D printing myself

Back in March I wrote a piece on the rapid mainstreaming of 3D culture that included coverage of the Omote 3D Shashin Kan pop-up store in Tokyo, where families could get themselves scanned and have their own 3D figurines printed. … Continue reading

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The greatest English Premier League side?

Football fans can debate the respective merits of teams from different eras till the cows come home, go out and come home again. I thought I’d apply a little (pseudo-)science to the question of which has been the greatest side … Continue reading

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Interview in this month’s easyJet Traveller mag

Check out my interview with PM Doutreligne for the Real Regulars section of this month’s easyJet Traveller magazine.

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Olaf Diegel: 3D printed guitar is just the start

If, like me, you are a fan of rock music, one of the coolest things about London’s 3D Printshow was the chance to see and hear 3D instruments being played live – I’m sure it would have been the first … Continue reading

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Welsh rugby should look beyond borders in regional shake-up

The news that Welsh rugby’s regional structure is set for yet another revamp will come as no surprise to anyone who has sat in a three-quarters empty Cardiff City Stadium watching The Blues try – and fail – to inspire … Continue reading

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My latest flames

Here are some links to a small cross-section of my more recent work: First up is this interview with Detroit techno pioneer Carl Craig, published by FACT magazine. Also on the music front, here is a report on music technology/social … Continue reading

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Revitalising the Europa League

For a football fan, the idea that you would want your team to get knocked out of a cup competition goes against all instincts. When you are a fan of a team that hasn’t won a major trophy for 35 … Continue reading

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Belgium’s coalition woes show ConDem plain sailing was all too easy

Today Belgium will set a new world record for the longest time taken to agree to the formation of a government, surpassing the 249 days it took Iraqi parties to agree the terms of a coalition following their country’s elections … Continue reading

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Justin Toland has more than a decade’s experience as a journalist and editor, working across a wide range of publication types and sectors: business-to-business newsletters, trade magazines, consumer and mass market publications, institutional PR, reports and directories. He also has … Continue reading

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