I have significant experience in radio and voiceover work and have also been employed as a DJ and sound designer for theatre.


From September 2008 to February 2010 I presented, produced and programmed the weekly radio show ‘Music Muziek Musique’ for FM Brussel, a radio station serving the Flemish Community in Brussels. A total of 46 shows were recorded, more than 60 hours of broadcasting. Recorded ‘near live’, the programme featured live musicians and guest DJ sets in addition to recorded music and spoken segments. Archive recordings are available online.


Voiceover work includes for the video game Divine Divinity (Larian Studios – 2005) and for a video for the Europe Commission DG Environment LIFE Nature unit’s stakeholders conference in Brussels in June 2010.

Sound design for theatre:

Proof – American Theatre Company; Theatre De Kriekelaar, Brussels, 2005

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Brussels Shakespeare Society, Corroy-le-Chateau, Belgium, 2010

All My Sons – American Theatre Company; Bozar (Palais des Beaux-Arts), Brussels, 2010


Vice Belgium office party 2009; Presence – a three-month residency playing ambient music at the MMBar, La Monnaie opera house, Brussels (January-March 2009); SoundBits Festival, Beurschouwburg, Brussels, October 2009; The Victorian English Gentlemens Club “Bored in Belgium” single launch, March 2010 (track selection); other events and private parties.

For further examples of my audio work, click on the category ‘audio’ on the home page of this website or visit the Mixcloud page for Music Muziek Musique (link also on the homepage).