Olaf Diegel: 3D printed guitar is just the start

If, like me, you are a fan of rock music, one of the coolest things about London’s 3D Printshow was the chance to see and hear 3D instruments being played live – I’m sure it would have been the first time for many other people as well. My former editor at SPAR Point Group Sam Pfeifle – a fellow music-lover – was lucky enough to get his hands on one of the 3D printed guitars that 3DSystems brought along to SPAR 12 in Houston back in April. Now, the Rock Hill-based 3D giant has added basses, acoustic guitars and drumsticks to its growing instrument range. Anyone who caught the Live Show at the 3D Printshow would have heard these – and a 3D printed violin from EOS – being used to play a specially-composed piece by Dave Marks. Here’s a clip of part of that performance. And here’s Marks talking about using a 3D printed electric guitar in the compositional process.

The guitar in question was developed in partnership with 3DSystems by New Zealander Olaf Diegel, founder of the firm ODD Guitars. I caught up with Diegel in London and asked him about the story behind this exciting innovation and what’s next in terms of 3D printed instrumentation. Check the Olaf Diegel interview to find out more…

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